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About Stump Maness

A Standard of Excellence

Since 1988, Randall “Stump” Maness has been the premier tree removal expert in Tyler, Texas.

As a veteran and local East Texas resident, Stump Maness has built a reputation as a trustworthy professional. His staff is held to the same standard of excellence in service.

Whether you need us to trim an overgrown tree, remove an ugly stump, or dispose of fallen branches after a storm, we have all the necessary skills and equipment to get the job done. When we’re finished, your home will look better than ever and be safer for you and your family.

Tree Service is Worth It

Trees in the Tyler and Longview area of Texas can make your property look vibrant and lush, or they can have the opposite effect. It all depends on whether the trees are healthy and well maintained or not. We can remove dead or wayward tree branches and shape your trees the way you want. We can get the big limbs up and off of your roof too! Or we can remove them altogether.

Tree stumps are ugly and can be a nesting ground for insects. Lawn mowers will find a tree stump for sure and the result is not good. At Stump- Maness Tree Service, we can grind your tree stump down until they disappear from view, or we can root them out completely and fill the hole left behind.

East Texas and especially Tyler often receives harsh weather, which can lead to fallen branches and unsteady trees. Not everyone has the equipment to fix these situations safely. Were you worried about your trees during the last storm? If so, call us for an estimate.

When you hire us to remove trees or debris, we’ll bring our bucket truck and chipper and clean up the mess. No one will ever know that a storm recently passed through your yard.

Protecting Your Family and Your Property

Safety is a key element of our tree removal service, both for our workers and our customers. We rope down all our equipment and follow strict safety regulations to ensure everyone involved stays out of harm’s way.

We’ll also protect your property and belongings. We know how much damage a falling tree or tree branch can cause, so we’ll take the necessary precautions to prevent any harm. Whether it’s a car, a rooftop, or your family members, we’ll keep your things safe.

If you need tree removal service in Tyler, Longview or anywhere in between, Stump Maness is the name to remember. Serving East Texas for 33 years, we offer unmatched experience, safety, and results. Call us today!

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