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Tree Trimming &
Removal Service

— In East Texas —

Trees and stumps can be a safety hazard if left untended. Falling trees and branches can damage property and hurt people. They can even pull down electrical wires. Stumps can ruin your car, your lawnmower, and your shins. Even when they are out of the way, they lower the visual appeal of your property.

Randall “Stump” Maness has been providing quality tree service in Tyler, TX since 1988. He has the experience to transform your wayward trees and stumps into the landscape you want.

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When To Call Us

There are times when calling a tree removal expert is an obvious move.
There are also signs that can help you avoid a disaster and save yourself from stress.
Call on Stump Maness when you see:

  • Dead trees or tree limbs
  • Woodpeckers indicating a bug infestation
  • Termite-eaten wood
  • Leaning or fallen trees
  • Trees that may have been struck by lightning
  • Misshapen or overgrown trees
  • A path blocked by trees or stumps

When you’re looking for a professional to handle your tree removal in Tyler, TX, give us a call.
Stump Maness is the tree service company you can count on to get the job done right.

Tree Trimming Tree Removal Stump Removal


We remove dead or dying branches and ensure the long-term health of your tree. Don’t let a dangerous tree situation hang over you. Protect your home and your family by scheduling tree trimming service from Stump Maness.

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Not all trees can be saved with just a trim. If your tree needs to be completely removed, we’ll do it safely and professionally. Call Stump Maness today to discuss how tree removal service can help improve your property.

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Stumps are a very unpleasant surprise when you’re mowing your lawn or walking in the dark. They are ugly, and can attract insects. We can provide stump grinding and stump removal to get rid of your stumps for good.

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We have all the equipment needed to safely remove trees, stumps, and debris from your home in Tyler TX, Longview TX, Bullard TX, Whitehouse TX, Troup TX, and the rest of East Texas. Whether you need emergency tree service or just want to improve your yard’s curb appeal, our team is ready to make your East Texas property safer and more valuable.
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