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Tree Trimming Service Tyler, TX

Why Should You Trim Your Trees?

Trees can improve your property’s visual appeal or take away from it.

Rotting tree limbs and tangled masses of branches aren’t just ugly, they threaten your property and your family’s safety. Branches can fall on your house, tear up the roof and damage your home or cars. Diseased trees can spread their sickness to other trees in the area and create an even bigger issue. 

That’s why we recommend trimming the trees around your home regularly.

Regular tree trimming removes dead or diseased limbs and improves the overall health of your trees so that they have a long life. It maximizes the tree’s exposure to sunlight and promotes full, even growth.

Freshly trimmed trees complement the appearance of your home. They give a lively, manicured feel that may have been missing before.

Need tree trimming in Tyler, TX? Stump Maness can make your trees greener, healthier, and safer with professional and affordable tree service and brush clearing. Your yard will look great and your property value will increase.

Our Tree Trimming Process

1. Request An On-Site Consultation

If you think you need tree cutting services, just call us to make an appointment.

2. Schedule Your Tree Trimming Service

We’ll meet you on-site and take a detailed account of the project. We’ll explain exactly how we plan to alter your tree and give you a quote. When you agree to our plan and our price, you’ll sign the work order and we’ll move forward with the project as quickly as possible. We are based in Tyler but will travel throughout East Texas. Longview, Kilgore, Lindale, Canton, just give us a call.

Tyler TX Tree Trimming Service

3. Complete The Job Safely

When we start on the job itself, we’ll bring all the necessary equipment. We have a wood chipper, a bucket truck, ropes for tying down loose objects, and gas-powered brooms for saw dust cleanup.

Once everything has been safely moved out of the area or secured with ropes, we will get to work on your trees. We are always careful to follow safety procedures, so you and your property are protected. Our work comes fully insured, so there is never any liability for the customer.

4. Leave Your Property More Beautiful Than We Found It

We’ll leave the trees on your Tyler, Texas property looking better than ever before. After we clean up the work area, you won’t even be able to tell we were there.

If you want to schedule an appointment with a tree trimming company you can trust, call Stump Maness of Tyler, TX today.